Pecan Classic Steer Show July 13-14 2018

The major of summer shows!

Pecan Classic Steer Show. July 13-14

"The major of summer shows"

The Pecan Class Steer Show



In an effort to support the 4-H and FFA youth of Guadalupe County, the Guadalupe Valley Pecan Class (GVPC) Steer and Heifer Show was established in 1997.  The name for the show was derived from the fact that Guadalupe County is one of the largest pecan producers in the State of Texas.  It often claims the nickname “Pecan Capital of Texas”.  Seguin itself has been described as "a big pecan orchard with a small town in it" because almost every house is shaded by pecan trees in the yard. (,_Texas)  
During its tenure, a vast amount of cattle have been shown to be judged by highly qualified cattle judges.  Numerous scholarships, buckles, tack, chairs, cash awards and yes, even those delicious pecan pies have been distributed to the winners of the show.  The GVPC also continues to support the youth of Guadalupe County by purchasing animals and adding onto projects at the Guadalupe County Youth Livestock and Homemakers Show in January each year.  Over the years the GVPC has grown in number of participants, which has allowed more money to be spent on the participants at the Guadalupe County Youth Livestock and Homemakers Show in January, both 4-H and FFA.  Proudly, the GVPC has been able to maintain its ranking as one of the top 20 buyers for close to a decade.    
In addition to the prizes and scholarships awarded at the GVPC Show and money spent at the Youth Show in January, participants can earn points through the GVPC for Texas Club Cattle Association (TCCA), which awards jackets to the top 10 of each breed of cattle and a buckle to the first place contestant each year.  There is a criterion that must be met to be a “points” show and the GVPC has maintained those standards for its entire existence.  
Typically, the Guadalupe Valley Pecan Classic is hosted in early/mid July at the Guadalupe County Fair Ground/Rodeo Arena located in Seguin, Texas and in the past 15 years it has been a Steer and Heifer show.   This year, 2014, the Guadalupe Valley Pecan Classic with host its first “Steer Only” show.  There is a vast amount of work that must go into this show and it is performed by adult leader volunteers.  Sponsorships are also an exceptionally important part of the success of the show which are provided by generous individuals and community businesses.  Without their constant commitment to this show, it would not be possible to continue and remain successful.  Thank you does not come close to how much those contributions and efforts are appreciated!